Mersey Vale dipping pond

Next up: We are repairing the platform over the pond and the bench nearby, which were destroyed when local youths decided to use the wood for a fire. Before     After (more photos to follow)

Heaton Norris Park Planters

We have been collaborating with the Friends of Heaton Norris Park to tackle the planters and bins that had been vandalised.   We used a table router to create bespoke rebated framework and exterior grade ply for the panels.   we primed, undercoated and applied 3 layers of oil based paint.  see the gallery below for […]

Insect Train – with Tithe Barn School

The children of Tithe Barn School designed an insect hotel for Heaton Chapel Station, the chosen design was of a train going across the stockport viaduct. Heatons’ Men in Sheds took the designs and made it into a 3D model and constructed it on the station platform.

Repairs and Maintenance at Heaton Moor Park

On Monday 13th May we spent the day in the park, doing maintenance to 3 main areas The Woodland Walk – some of the stumps had rotten and so we replaced them. The Pavillion – the roof as covered with moss, the gutters were full, and the downspouts were flaking and rusting.  our next job […]

Brownies woodworking badges and mothers day presents.

Heatons’ Men in sheds were asked to help the 3rd Heaton Chapel Brownies with their wood working skills badges. They wanted to make some string art as mother’s day presents. Heatons’ men in sheds helped by cutting the wood to size, sanding them, and lending the brownies a bunch of hammers.

Stockport Local Fund

Heatons Men In Sheds is delighted to have been awarded £480 from Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.    This money will be used to buy tools for our wood workshop. To attract the members, who are mainly retired; unable to wotk; or new to the area, Heatons’ Men In Sheds have built a woodworking shop in […]

Donated Wood Lathe

We are delighted to have had a Record Power lathe donated to the shed, by a member of the public who wishes to remain anonymous.    Many of the members have not used one before, but the ones that had showed everyone the basics.   We spent a couple of hours making lots of sawdust, and […]

Heatons’ Men In Sheds on BBC Manchester

This morning at some ungodly hour our chairperson Will was interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester’s Mike Shaft Mike hears how St Paul’s church in Heaton Moor is helping men with mental health. Listen to it here:

Station Sign Unveiling

On 18th December 2018 The Mayor of Stockport Cllr. Walter Brett visited Heaton Chapel Station, when he unveiled both a 24 foot (7.3m) long new heritage ‘running-in sign’ which was made for the Friends of Heaton Chapel Station by Heatons’ Men in Sheds, and a brass plaque on platform 2. The materials for the new […]

Station Sign

On 10th December 2018, we installed the Station Sign here are a few photos from the day

Centre of the Month

Heatons’ Men In Sheds are accredited by “Good Things Foundation” to provide computer training courses. We are proud that we have been awarded centre of the month.

Station Sign Frame

On Monday 22nd October we descended on Heaton Chapel Station to complete the first phase of erecting the replica Victorian sign we are making for the Friends of Heaton Chapel Station. Here are a few photos from the day:

St Paul’s Church Wins Award

Last year all the churches in manchester were tasked with diversification, and using the buildings in innovative ways. St Paul’s Church in Heaton Moor have been recognised for allowing Heaton’s Men In Sheds to set up their workshop. The church is now used more often, by more people, for more reasons.

Heatons Men In Sheds - Stockport - Basic Computer Skills

Computer Help

We Are beginning a regular evening session to help you with your PC. We Will meet at 7pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at The Moor Club (downstairs next to the Elizabethan). This is aimed at men who have never used a computer, or those who just want to gain more […]

Wood workshop progress

Over the last few weeks we have put a few extra shifts in to convert the cellar room into a wood workshop. We are still not quite there but it is certainly coming along. if you want to come along and help check us out here

Sheds on BBC One

Holding Back The Years had an article on Sheds, about 14 minutes in.  

Shed on Radio 4

There was an article on The World at One about Frome, Somerset and the way they are improving the health of the population, including by attending Frome’s Mens Shed.   31 mins in.

Heatons Men In Sheds - Stockport - Photography

Tool Donations

We are now taking tool donations for The Shed.  If you have any old tools that you wish to donate please click on the link below and we will arrange for collection. Tool Donations Link

Heatons Men In Sheds - Stockport - Community Green Space Gardening

St Pauls Gardening / Cleanup Day

Heatons’ Men In Sheds will be helping clean up the grounds of St Pauls’ Church.  Bring your own gloves.  There are a few tools, if you have any tree loppers / branch cutters /  secateurs / rakes / spades bring them along.  Refreshments provided. Address: St. Paul’s Rd, Heaton Moor, Stockport  SK4 4RY Date/ Time: Saturday 5th […]