Become a Sponsor

Your on-going support with a monthly donation ensures the continuation of our community group and allows us to budget for the future.  We have applied for funding for specific projects,  but these usually exclude running costs.

To set up a monthly donation by direct debit, each month your account will be automatically debited with your donation.

Our donations are handled by you will be directed there by clicking on one of the following links.

I wish to donate £3 per month.
I wish to donate £5 per month.
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I wish to donate £30 per month.

We’ll keep you updated via email to let you how your donation is helping us develop The Shed.

How much of my donation is taken for administration? – 20p from each donation covers the administration fees.
How can I see how my donation is being used? – Feel free to come down to our next meeting, details here
How do I cancel my direct debit? – just email us at

Tool Donations

Are you tidying up your shed / garage / cellar?  Are you throwing away your old, blunt, no longer used tools?   Got a new Drill for christmas, not sure what to do with your old one?   Why not donate them to Heatons’ Men In Sheds.

We will collect your old tools. We will clean and sharpen them, then we we will use your tools in our workshop to help us with our community projects.   If we get many duplicates, we will refurb them and then, where possible, sell them with the proceeds going towards materials for local projects, or new tools.

What do we want?

Any woodworking hand tools – screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, mallets, steel rulers, dividers etc
Any powertools – preferably working, but we may be able to fix it if not.
…Anything really

What do you need to do?

fill in the form below, and we will contact you to arrange to pick up your unwanted tools at a time that is convenient to you.

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We cannot guarantee to be able to collect at a precise time, but we will do our best.