What We Do

We meet and help each other, some members just come for a cup of tea and a talk, others get involved in the activities.   If you have a skill that you could share with the members either as a one-off formal lesson, or as by attending the meetings please let us know. 

Basic Computer Skills
We have members who have never used a computer before, or have a laptop but can only check their emails. We spend time understanding what they want to learn, and sit with them one to one and show them how to reply to an email, check their electricity bill, or join facebook.  Details

We have a small woodwork shop, which we are still developing and equipping.   This allows the members to work together on their own projects, or the group projects for the community.   We recently completed a large wooden sign for our local station, and have repaired items in Heaton Moor Park.

We have been approached by other local groups to build planters and benches

Occasional Days Out
Three or four times a year we arrange social outings for members. We have had a day out on a canal boat, a trip to see behind the scenes at the Plaza and a Christmas “Do” at a local Restaurant. All members are invited and we have enjoyed some very pleasant times together.