What We Do

We meet and help each other, some members just come for a cup of tea and a talk, others get involved in the activities. Being a new group most of the activities are aspirations at the moment, but come along and make them happen. If you have a skill that you could share with the members either as a one off formal lesson, or as by attending the meetings please let us know.

Basic Computer Skills
We have members who have never used a computer before, or have a laptop but can only check their emails. We spend time understanding what they want to learn, and sit with them one to one and show them how to reply to an email, check their electricity bill, or join facebook.

We are currently in the process of creating a wood workshop. This will allow the members to work together on their own projects, or the group projects for the community. We have been approached by other local groups to build planters and benches, A large oak sign for a local heritage site, and the construction of fete games for the local fair.

We have several members who have an interest in photography, now the weather is improving they will be organising some field trips to get some great photos, and then getting together to manipulate the images on the computer in the editing packages.

Community Green Spaces
We have identified a couple of areas in the Heatons that need some attention, apart from building benches and planters we will be getting our hands dirty clearing overgrown bushes, weeding and tidying them up. Details of these days will be in the events section as soon as they are known.

Advanced Computer Skills
We have a couple of members who are interested in website design (what do you think of this first attempt?), and coding. We also want to get involved in projects using raspberry pi etc.