Heatons Men In Sheds - Stockport - Basic Computer Skills

Computer Help

We Are beginning a regular evening session to help you with your PC. We Will meet at 7pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at The Moor Club (downstairs next to the Elizabethan). This is aimed at men who have never used a computer, or those who just want to gain more confidence. Don’t know how to reply to emails, we will show you how. Struggling organising your files, let us give you tips. Need to use a spreadsheet but don’t know where to start. We are hoping to give one on one guidance to anyone who turns up.

We have a few laptops to use on the night, but if you have your own bring it in, it is always easier to explain, once we have seen where you are having difficulties.

We will not be there to fix computer issues (cracked screens, running slow, etc), although we may be able to give you some guidance.

The Heatons’ Men In Sheds work together to help each other, so if you are a proficient computer user and you would like to help in your community, you are also welcome to come and help out.

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