Here at Heatons’ Men in Sheds we have been doing our best to keep ourselves connected during these strange times.  One of these things has been to have a talk, via Zoom, from one of the Shedders on a subject close to their heart.  Think of a TEDtalk (or SHEDtalk, if you will) only without the polish.  As the pandemic continues and, more importantly, the well of our subjects runs dry, we decided to spread the word and invite guest speakers to join us.

The first of these was Sven Alexander, live from his home in Norway, to share his love and knowledge of bridges.  Having spent his career designing bridges around the world, Sven’s work is now also his hobby:

“I started my professional career as a Junior Designer in the bridge department of Illinois Central Railroad, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, in 1962. Then a brief stunt designing highway bridges for a local consulting firm, before returning home for military service in the Norwegian Corps of Engineers.  My fascination with bridges never left me.”

On the surface, a talk about bridges might seem dull and uninspiring yet it was anything but.  Sven’s passion came across in his presentation and gifted us with a fascinating insight into something we all take for granted.

We’re on the look out for new guest speakers so, if you have a topic you’d like to share (and think would be interesting to our Shedders) then please feel free to get in touch – Terry: 07905 759 003 . 

We hold our SHEDtalks on Monday’s at 1pm (UK time) via Zoom.

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